About Us

Keviv Marketing’s mission is to help newbie and expert skincare entrepreneurs start and scale their skincare businesses within a year and beyond. We do this using tested social media marketing strategies such as storytelling and reusable eye-catching templates that conveys your business in the best way to your audience while boosting sales.

King Ebuka - Co-Founder
Vivian Nonye Ukatu- Co Founder

About Us

King Ebuka is much familiar among the top names in the Nigerian online business space

And meet the co-founder of Keviv Marketing and skincare enthusiast , Nonye Vivian Ukatu . A Google-certified digital marketer and content strategist with over 4 years experience. She has worked with B2B businesses like Engage and JustUseApp and have produced massive results

Meet Our Lead Instructors

The tutors who are responsible for our famous courses

King Ebuka

Social Media Marketer

Vivian Nonye Ukatu

Digital Marketer